Joining the Guild is pretty simple, but some rules apply. 

  • Must like shenanigans.
  • Must want to blow things up.
  • Must like going fast.
  • Getting into trouble.
  • Candies.

Have you said yes to all of these things? Then you’re only a few steps away from joining the fastest, hilarious crew on this side of the Milky Way. There’s just a few things to do, first, if you don’t have one, create an Inara account, it’s simple, free, easy to use, and better yet, it lets you track your progress as a commander in this turbulent galaxy of ours, and helps you track down materials and engineers. It also lets you join our wing, and that’s pretty cool. Second, we have this really spiffy Google form to fill out, gives us some background info on you, like region of play and how much experience you have and what you’re interested in accomplishing while flying under our banner. Nothing too private, just some meta data type stuff so we know which guys you can wing with, as we are a global guild, lots of time zones. The third and most fun thing is to join our Discord server, this is where the magic happens. It’s here you get to chat with us in voice and text, share your experiences, and/or dank memes. Maybe you made a sweet video and uploaded it to the internet, you can share that here, and we love that. We can’t wait to see you commander, so hurry up, you know you want to have the most fun in the galaxy. o7